Intuitive Speaking Intensive

From Coach to Thought Leader

Leverage the speaking superpowers all Thought Leaders possess, while growing your unique voice & style.

Starts November 11, 2017 

Let's face it... 

You are reeeeally talented and have lots to offer. Perhaps you have an innate knowing that your unique story and expertise could help thousands, or maybe even millions.

You may feel the magnitude of this desire, paired with a heavy responsibility that you share your genius with more people.

But how can you reach them?

You may have thought the answer was a fad marketing technique or a paint-by-numbers script to speak or sell.

But, then you only struggled more, having twisted yourself into a pretzel to make the sale. Meanwhile, what about your true potential and legacy?

What if instead you could translate your expertise into raving fans and clients?

What if you could know what to say to demonstrate your value, without proving, straining or trying to sound like someone else?

What if you knew how to be a well-rounded, unshakable speaker who could share your expertise on a variety of ways, with confidence? (Thought Leaders do this)

Hi, I’m Danielle Louise Ross.

I’m an actress turned marketing expert and public speaking coach to bestselling authors, experts, speakers and Thought Leaders in a variety of professional categories.

My passion is liberating your true genius so nothing separates your audience from the profound truth and value of what you do.

I deeply understand the very personal, high-stakes obstacles that can keep you from your greatest success as a speaker, teacher, and Thought Leader.

Several years into my entrepreneurial journey, after having built a strong local following and reputation as a 6-figure coach, I found myself pulled in so many directions from all of the teachers, mentors and conferences I attended, that there was effectively nothing left of me.

The more I deferred to the authority of others, the more plagued by self-doubt and worry I became. Before I knew it, my client base plummeted and my sense of anxiety grew, and all this while I was faithfully doing everything I was told I “should” do.

Then one day, I had enough!

I decided I was DONE with scripts, models and teaching systems that worked against my strengths and sense of identity.

In that moment, I had a BREAKTHROUGH and began showing up as a teacher and speaker differently.

Instead of following formulas designed for someone else I began to design my talks and teaching to showcase my natural speaking style, while leveraging high-impact client-attracting storytelling (what I had been studying all along!).

Not only did my coaching practice bounce back, but I started to grow a different kind of following...

  • Clients coming back again and again for new and different programs. 
  • More referrals than ever before.
  • An international client base, and
  • Clients flying across the country to experience my work.

It has been truly amazing and shows what can happen when you make the shift from Coach to Thought Leader. You can do this too!

Which is why...

You're invited to experience the 

From Coach to Thought Leader 4-Week Speaking Intensive.

From Coach to Thought Leader

4-Week Intuitive Speaking Intensive

Client-attracting, magnetic speaking – on any platform

Learn the master speaking skills all Thought Leaders possess, to attract new fans and followers everywhere you go...without compromising your unique voice & style.

Starts November 11, 2017 - Ends December 12, 2017

(full details below)

All sessions are live on Saturdays + Tuesdays from 9am-10:30am PST.

Cant make it live? Session recordings will be available shortly after each live session.

Week 1

Storytelling Superpowers

How to tell a story so your audience hangs on every word.


Saturday Training: 11/11/17

Tuesday Q&A + Coaching: 11/14/17

Week 2

Teaching Superpowers

Learn to teach in a way that creates a lasting change.


Saturday Training: 11/18/17

Tuesday Q&A + Coaching: 11/21/17

Week 3

Facilitation Superpowers

You work less, the audience loves you more.


Saturday Training: 12/02/17

Tuesday Q&A + Coaching: 12/05/17

Week 4



Inspire sales with integrity and without squirming inside.


Saturday Training: 12/09/17

Tuesday Q&A + Coaching: 12/12/17

In addition to the game-changing content, in each week of the program you’ll:

  • check
    Learn to apply your client-attracting speaking superpowers to a multitude of real-world opportunities, from speaking at conferences, networking events, online platforms and more.
  • check
    Embody the learning, via strategic practice homework (AKA Active Training) so you become an even more flexible, compelling & confident speaker during the program.
  • check
    Craft your speaking around your own unique primary “superpower,” for less stress, more impact and fun!

Ready to join us?

As a "thank you" for being part of the first round of this program,

I am happy to offer it at only 50% the tuition it will be next time.


ONLY $497


High-impact, authentic speaking that attracts ideal clients

and raving fans is on the other side.

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