Intuitive speaking live 2018
october 12-14, 2018
Portland, OR

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Danielle Louise Ross
Danielle Louise Ross


Hi, I’m Danielle.

My mission is simple:

I help exceptional people become exceptional speakers & business leaders who create exceptional experiences.

A life long communication nerd, a trained actress, and marketing aficionado, I didn’t want to simply be a good speaker, I wanted to be great.

Intuitive Speaking was born out of my desire for a better, more effective approach to public speaking process and performance. 

Before Intuitive Speaking, I compromised my creative instincts as a speaker to fit the mold of what I was told “should” work, to speak, sell, and command a room.

When I discovered Intuitive Speaking, everything changed… 

I had the most fun I ever had speaking, and made more sales than ever before, and the very best part was – I was being 100% ME. 

Since then, I’ve wanted the same for you. Not for you to sound like me, or anyone else, but the very best version of YOU.

At Intuitive Speaking our motto is, “Let Your Genius Speak.” 

And, after sharing this work with hundreds of experts and professionals, I’ve found that when you let your genius speak, amazing things happen.


Intuitive Speaking is unscripted, high-impact speaking with heart. 

This method helps new and seasoned speakers leverage the timeless principles of effective speaking, while growing master skills of consistency and adaptability. 

The result is a faster, less-stressful preparation process, the ability to speak confidently in improvisational settings, and a magnetic quality that attracts bigger, better and more ideal opportunities through speaking.


There are no events scheduled at this time.

Embody Your Message & Stand in Your Authority

The Encorepreneur Cafe, 1548 NE 15th Ave., Portland OR

May 5th, 2018 • 9AM-4PM

Say 'YES' to Impromptu Speaking & Nail it Every Time

Zarr Studios, 1535 SE 9th Ave., Portland OR

January 27th, 2018 • 9AM-4PM

Intuitive Speaking - Networking Party

Intuitive Speaking: Networking Party!

Punchbowl Social, 340 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR

January 20th, 2018 • 2PM-5PM

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What People Are Saying...

"As a result of [the] talk Danielle helped me prepare for, I was ranked as one of the top speakers at that event, and that had never happened to me before.

It was a pretty transformational process."
Michael Knouse
Michael Knouse
Podcast Host, Business + Performance Coach
for Visionary Entrepreneurs
"Through Danielle's coaching, I was able to sell $1000 worth of my product in the back of the room. and I had over 40 people sign up for a 1-1 coaching session with me.

The best and most amazing part about it was-

I was the only speaker out of 20 speakers that got a standing ovation at the end!"
Marli Williams
Marli Williams
Motivational Speaker, Retreat Leader
"Intuitive Speaking with Danielle is life changing.

She gives you tools to speak from your heart and helped turn my biggest fear (public speaking) into something where I now look forward to getting up there to speak.

I can't wait for the next event!"
Kayla McCord
Kayla McCord
Inspirational Speaker
"The transformation Danielle creates for participants is truly amazing.

She takes people who've spoken only a couple of times and gives them the space, training, and love to be on stage and express themselves brilliantly.

In other trainings I've been part of, it's taken many months to get to the same point Danielle empowers within a single workshop."
Steve Garvin
Steve Garvin
Coach & Cartoonist
"Danielle pulled back the curtain and demystified the process.

Not only did I learn the foundations of intuitive speaking, but I had a major breakthrough while putting what I learned into immediate practice.

The other people in attendance were exceptional, and together we became an audience of enthusiastic supporters."
Cindia Carrere
Cindia Carrere
"Presentation #1:
Excellent feedback, 'Best speaker we've seen in a very long time, EXCELLENT delivery.' I was not nervous really at all prior to the presentation, more excited!!! Overall, I had so much fun and all my points were really well hit on.

Presentation #2:
It went really really well 🙂
They invited me back to speak again! The students loved the presentation, and I loved delivering it. Working with you has changed my presentations forever!

One of my next goals is to do a TED talk!"
Ashlee Klevens-Hayes
Ashlee Klevens-Hayes, PharmaD, MHA
Pharmacist in Hospital Operations
& Career Coach
"Danielle is masterful and creates an environment of playfulness, safety and intriguing revelations that keeps showing the simplicity of her approach!!!

I'm hooked and in love with her trainings!!"
Lisa Brumm
Lisa Brumm
Founder & CEO, My Financial Girlfriend
"Wanted to send a quick thanks.

I just signed a new client based on the quick speech I gave at the event you ran. One of the participants sent their partner to me based on the impression you helped me make.

Thank you!!!!!!"
Paul Kuthe
Paul Kuthe
Managing Director, Tributary Coaching
"I can't say enough about how fantastic this was. I woke up the morning after still buzzing and inspired by the transformative experience I had.

I've spoken professionally for years and yet knew there was another deeper level to access that I couldn't reach on my own and it was turning me in knots.

In a few short minutes, a challenge that had plagued me for months was cleared up. And it remains shifting since. Poof!

Danielle is a gifted facilitator and creates an amazingly safe space to explore speaking authentically and soulful using simple structure that allows intuition to soar.

Her 100% positive environment draws a tribe of truly incredible people. Attending her event is an awesome gift."
Claire Sierra
Claire Sierra
Art Therapist & Entrepreneur
"The Intuitive Speaking training was fun, enlightening, and professional.

Danielle provided a safe place for participants to stretch and grow using new techniques and exploration into their own intuition.

I'd recommend Danielle's workshops to anyone looking to be set free from feeling constricted by the standard format of giving speeches."
Stacy Yardley
Stacy Yardley
Certified Coach
"Danielle and I worked very closely together on two lectures I give regularly. It's been significantly powerful with establishing strong leads that have really helped my business grow."
Michael Riscica
Michael Riscica
Popular Blogger,
"There is a difference between speaking intuitively and speaking from a script. Learning to speak intuitively is allowing your heart do the talking.

Danielle teaches the tools necessary to dig within yourself to find this voice, which I didn't know I had previously."
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll
Sales & Marketing Consultant
Intuitive Speaking

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