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Showcase Your Genius
1-1 Speaking Intensive

Enjoy a revolutionary process that helps you rise to the next level of greatness in your next presentation and beyond…by crafting your presentation that serves your audience, while showcasing YOU.

Your talk. Designed for you, and no one else.

Most speech-crafting approaches make sure you are delivering on audience expectations, often with the same sound-alike speaking format as everybody else. You know this because you have seen these presentations before…and maybe you’ve even done them. Ack!

But what about your unique voice and style? What about your innate genius, and talents? What about that sweet spot, where you feel amaaaazing and the audience does too?

Everyone has the potential to take their speaking to this place. Yes, everyone, even if you’re “new,” even if you’re experienced but feel there is something more for you, and even if you find yourself catapulted into an uncharted high-stakes speaking opportunity.

In this proven and proprietary process, you receive the feedback and guidance to deliver a showstopping presentation for your audience, while expressing your greatest talents and joy.

From now on, everybody wins.

“Excellent feedback, ‘Best speaker we’ve seen in a very long time, EXCELLENT delivery.”
~Ashlee Klevens-Hayes

“An invitation to speak to a conference this summer is just one of the amazing responses I got!”
~Heather Stewart

“I was ranked as one of the top speakers at that event, and that had never happened to me before.”
~Michael Knouse

“Not only did I get a standing ovation at the end, I got standing applauses throughout my talk.”
~Jeffry Life

How Do We Do It?

  • Uncover your speaker type
  • Define talk structure, based on your speaker type, and opportunity
  • Craft Intuitive Outline, so you have “just enough structure, without too much”
  • You deliver your presentation
  • We celebrate your biggest wins (and learning) so your talk is your biggest springboard to lasting speaking success

Your Transformational Experience Includes:

  • Pre-meeting questionnaire and strategic video review by Danielle (up to 20 minutes) before meeting
  • Targeted Intensive 2-hour session with Danielle
  • Session recording, and personally tailored notes & recommendations from Danielle
  • 2 weeks of unlimited email support, for q&a as you put your talk into practice
  • Follow-up 45-minute Maximize Your Growth call with Danielle to carry your newfound learning into all future speaking opportunities

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