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Intuitive Speaking for Video

Transcend: Video Without Limits

 An Intuitive Speaking 5-Week Online Course

Consistently make great videos for your audience, your way.

There are a lot of reasons you may want be doing more videos!

  • Grow your following 
  • Bottle up your wisdom
  • Reach a global audience
  • Showcase your speaking skills
  • Build a body of work and legacy
  • Reach more people with less time and effort than traditional speaking

But you’re not consistently creating videos at the level you want. Why?

Perhaps you’re spending waaaay to long trying to create the perfect video, or the opposite, rushing through an unclear process.

Or speaking on video may feel awkward, heavy, or rigid, compared to other kinds of speaking.

You may get caught up in all the details, from technology to platform, and more.

Or, because video creation is not a true habit *yet*, sharing what you know on video keeps getting put on the backburner…even though you really want to do this!!!

That’s why I created the Intuitive Speaking for Video 5-Week Online Course, to give you the guidance, environment, and practice to transcend limits on video.

What is possible:

  • beyond the perfectionism?
  • beyond the technology?
  • beyond the format, and how you were told it should look?

What if more was possible for you?
What if you let your genius speak, on video?

Whether you’ve been making videos for years, or you’re just getting started, and you know you have something greater to say and share. Let this be a Game Changer for you and your business!

Here’s how it changed the game for me:

A natural facilitator, I thought producing great videos might not be “in the cards” for me. I didn’t get the interaction I craved, and I found myself in my head, in comparison and stress trying to make high-quality videos in a way that worked for me.

I felt stiff and not like myself. I not only used, but was heavily dependent on reading off of a teleprompter. Honestly, I hated it!

When I discovered the speaking method I now teach- Intuitive Speaking- and applied it for the first time on video I was blown away by the results.

After Intuitive Speaking, I produced the best online course of my life, with rave reviews, and having created 40+ videos with my best knowledge distilled for my audience…in just five weeks! Not just that, I had lots of fun doing it!

Let’s discover what is truly possible for you.

Be one of just 30 people in the Intuitive Speaking Course, and you’ll:

Learn to shoot videos the Intuitive Speaking way, that is without complex scripts, teleprompters or sounding like anyone but you. 

Practice in a safe, supportive forum that promotes healthy risk-taking and creative expansion (think: personal training for your videos and your speaking!).

Strengthen your Confidence and Artistry Muscles by honing your process through action, from idea to performance and posting your videos, and everything in between.

Plus, you’ll enjoy a community of others taking and celebrating action alongside you, and regular support from me for questions via an online forum, and weekly Q&A calls.

Build a habit fueled by inspiration to create amazing videos that you and your audience will love.

Week One: Essentials...for Video

Learn the most important speaking and technology practices to thrive on video (without being over scripted, making things too complicated, or working too hard).

Week Two: Spices...for Video

Learn to spice up your videos with highly-potent speaking ingredients to make your videos highly engaging, memorable, and most importantly…fun for you – no editing required!

Week Three: Speaker Types...for Video

Discover your unique “Speaker Type” to design your videos to showcase your unique voice and style for stand-out videos that are faster, easier and more sustainable for you to consistently deliver.

Week Four: Selling...for Video

Craft videos that inform and inspire transformation while also inspiring sales. Yes, you can do both, without sounding formulaic, salesly or weird 🙂

Week Five: Integrate

During week five, you will review the prior weeks of the program, including the elements that were personally most powerful, to integrate them into your long-term game. You’ll also learn how to translate your newfound video inspiration into a video-creation habit for lasting impact.

The course runs Saturday, January 26th-February 27, 2019

Weekly training modules (on video, of course!) will be delivered to you each Saturday by noon PST:

  • January 26
  • February 2
  • February 9
  • February 16
  • February 23

Not available during all of these times? That’s okay. The above dates are when training videos are released. You can watch them anytime!

Weekly interactive group coaching call/Q&A sessions with Danielle will be each Wednesday, 9am-10:30am:

  • January 30
  • February 6
  • February 13
  • February 20
  • February 27

Not available for all of the interactive coaching calls? No sweat! They will be recorded, and you can submit your questions in advance, so you can benefit – no matter what :).

Stop making the video-creation process so complicated, and finally create inspired videos consistently

You can.

Investment: $997
(or 3 installments of $370)

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