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Intuitive Speaking Weekends

Intuitive Speaking weekends are 2-day, in-person experiences that combine the connection of Intuitive Speaking LIVE events with the intimacy of a laser-focused deep-dive training.


With a maximum of twenty participants, you’ll be set up with the support, community, environment, and tools to receive a lasting transformation in the given topic area.

Get Booked Weekend
Jan 18-19, 2019

LOCATION: Downtown Portland


You’ve got the inspiration, message, expertise and vision to speak on bigger and better stages. Now the question is: How do you get booked?


How do you get booked, if you’re just getting started?


How can you accelerate and uplevel your bookings, if you are already getting booked?


Let’s do more than talk. Let’s start taking action to get you booked!


Join Danielle and an intimate group of Intuitive Speakers who want to take their impact to the next level, in this hands-on, active group Get Booked training.


“Getting Booked can be easy, when you know what to do, and when to do it. Find out how seasoned and emerging Intuitive Speakers have booked featured keynotes and other inspired opportunities, without following a complicated process, waiting to be “ready,” or working too hard. I’d love for you to be the next Intuitive Speaking Get Booked Success Story. Join us!” -Danielle


You’ll learn:

  • what you absolutely must have to get booked (it’s easier than you think)
  • what you don’t need to have to get booked right away
  • how to make your presentations irresistible to event coordinators
  • booking “spices” (optional ingredients you can add over time) for additional ease to book presentations at your most ideal venues and organizations



  • During the weekend, you will practice these skills and take BIG action, in a supportive group of peers…to get booked!


Elegant Offer Weekend
Mar 8-9, 2019

Imagine feeling totally relaxed and centered in yourself on stage, communicating effortlessly. Imagine sharing a pathway forward at the end of your presentation, while feeling totally detached from the outcome. Imagine your audience buying like crazy. This is what is possible with the Elegant Offer.


Whether you’re speaking for professional groups and conferences, or running your own events, or both, an Elegant, Well-Received Offer can be the difference between your speaking career barely surviving, and thriving. An Elegant Offer to a paid next step, whether to buy your book, sign up for course, or work with you 1-1, can also be one of the fastest paths to grow your business, and platform, quickly.


The good news is, you do not need to memorize a canned script, follow an 18-step process, or otherwise twist yourself into a pretzel to make the sale. At Intuitive Speaking we believe that results and joy are the ultimate Power Couple and can be fully present in your speaking and selling, every time. Not just that, you feeling good as you sell is the key to more connection and sales than you may have thought possible.


Whether you’ve struggled to find an approach to selling from stage that works for you, or even if you’re brand new to the possibility, this weekend is designed to equip you practically- and emotionally- for offer success.



  • learn and practice an intuitive approach to selling from stage, so you can make offers that work and feel good (without a script!)
  • break through stuck emotions around selling, so you can feel consistently confident, empowered and on purpose selling from stage
  • understand the science behind selling from stage, so you can infuse the essentials with your own unique voice and style
  • discover how what a lower-sale offer really “means,” and how to make it your greatest springboard for future success
  • be equipped with a reliable toolkit for making Elegant Offers that feel good and get results, consistently


OR Get Both for: $2000

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