Intuitive Speaking Live 2018

Speak & Teach with Magnetism and Influence

OCTOBER 12-14, 2018 • PORTLAND, OR

Learn how to translate your speaking into sales and impact,
without compromising who you are (in a radically supportive community
of coaches and experts seeking greatness)

Kelly Mackura
Stasha Gominak
Erika Laws
Cindia Carrere
Yasmin Nguyen
Steve Garvin
Stacy Yardley
Danielle Louise Ross


You are invited to join me at Intuitive Speaking LIVE 2018

Hi, I’m Danielle, The creator of Intuitive Speaking.

I believe that all of the results you’ve been seeking – the new clients, the raving fans, the success stories and more – can happen without sacrificing your joy.

In fact, speaking can be one of the most powerful and satisfying ways for you to expand your unique business and calling.

What you may not know is how creative, inspired, and profound speaking can be, if you have an approach that truly supports YOU.

Intuitive Speaking LIVE is about public speaking that transcends limits— creatively, financially, and emotionally (and without a script!).

Let’s take your speaking – and life – to the next level.

Let Your Genius Speak

Over 3 transformational days, you’ll learn:

  • a flexible, intuitive approach to speaking that showcases the very best of you
  • timeless keys to inspire loyal followers and standing ovations through speaking
  • a proven, highly-potent way to thrive in any speaking setting, whether you are presenting online or offline, exploring prepared or impromptu speaking, doing keynotes, workshops, online courses, or live streaming
  • practices to dramatically reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress before, during, and after your presentations
  • how to transcend big, small or subtle ways you may be holding back your greatest potential- no matter how long you've been speaking or teaching
Intuitive Speaking - Danielle Coaching
Intuitive Speaking Live 2018

2018 Agenda

This is event is created for you and with you. Therefore, the details below are subject to change, but each day will always include: FUN, GROWTH and INSPIRATION!

Day One:

Friday, October 12th


Can one day of speaking training change your life forever?

On Day One, you’ll learn a new approach to speaking
that allows you to be focused & compelling while  experiencing more freedom & joy.

Learn how to stand in your authority, be seen as an expert, and champion new possibilities for your audience – without compromising who you are.

You’ll be amazed by the quality of speaking you and your colleagues will quickly produce, as you embrace the speaking and teaching the Intuitive Speaking way.

Intuitive Speaking - Get Focused

Day Two:

Saturday, October 13th



In order to dare to do anything that matters we must risk being vulnerable, or we will always be holding back, in big small or subtle ways.

In other words, we must get brave to create moments that matter in front of any audience, in any setting.

On Day Two, we upgrade from a conference room to an Auditorium with a Big Stage.

Using and building on what you learned in Day One, you will be inspired to take bold risks on-stage and off, to transcend perceived limits and fears, and reach new levels of greatness.

Day Three:

Sunday, October 14th


On Day Three, you’ll discover how you can use your ever-growing  Intuitive Speaking skills to thrive on ANY speaking platform and ANY time frame, from short speeches, to workshops, webinars, seminars and more.
You’ll learn how to consistently translate your speaking to sales, raving fans, standing ovations, and a loyal following.
You’ll feel newfound confidence and unshakable purpose as you forge ahead on an inspired path of mastery, now with a 
supportive community of peers & new friends by your side.
Your speaking will never be the same again.
Intuitive Speaking - Get Results


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“I gave three presentations and my business went viral.”

“I was rated as one of the top speakers at the event.”

"There is a difference between speaking intuitively and speaking from a script. Learning to speak intuitively is allowing your heart do the talking. Danielle teaches the tools necessary to dig within yourself to find this voice."
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll
"Wanted to send a quick thanks.
I just signed a new client based on the impression you helped me make during the quick speech I gave at your event.
Thank you!!!!!!"
Paul Kuthe
Paul Kuthe
"Intuitive Speaking with Danielle is life changing. She gives you tools to speak from your heart and helped turn my biggest fear (public speaking) into something where I now look forward to getting up there to speak."
Kayla McCord
Kayla McCord
"Danielle's ability to show us how to be grounded and at the same time be an open vessel to channel our message was unlike anything I have experienced before. She made speaking fun, safe, and gave us the tools to take what we learnt and speak in any situation. I am deeply grateful."
RoseAnn Janzen
Roseann Janzen
"The transformation Danielle creates for participants is truly amazing. She gives people the space, training, and love to be on stage and express themselves brilliantly. In other trainings I've been part of, it's taken many months to get to the same point Danielle empowers within a single workshop."
Steve Garvin
Steve Garvin
"Spending the day with Danielle was the most fantastic 'mind-blowing' day I could have imagined. Thank you, Danielle, for giving me faith and a structure to pour myself into so I can serve my people with everything I have. I so look forward to continuing to learn!"
Brynn Breuner
Brynn Breuner

“It’s been significantly powerful …and helped my business grow.”

“I had over 40 people sign-up for a coaching session with me.”

“I had standing ovations throughout my talk.”


World Trade Center Portland


October 12-14



World Trade Center

25 SW Salmon St.
Building 2
Portland, OR

Portland waterfront


Available Now

This event is primarily designed for experts who want to speak better.

“Better” means with more joy, to more of the right people, more effectively, more of the time.
Whether you are a coach, consultant, teacher, professional speaker, or other change maker, you are in the right place.

Whether you are a brand new speaker or you have been speaking for some time (but you know you haven’t reached your full potential yet!), this event is for you.

Beginning or seasoned speaker, we ALL need an approach that is designed for, and truly works for US. If this resonates with you, there is a reason- Join us!

Expect eye-opening and interactive sessions that will help you not only learn, but embody the new practices you are learning.

Bring an open mind, a desire to support others, and grow!

Light snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day, but meals are not included in your ticket purchase.

However, downtown Portland is a food-lovers paradise with almost countless options.

Here are a few within close walking distance of the venue:

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen
835 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Popular counter-serve offering pho, banh mi & other Vietnamese favorites in a stylish setting.

Q Restaurant & Bar
828 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Modern & romantic space featuring imaginative, locally sourced Pacific Northwest cuisine.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
240 SW Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97204
Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

Veggie Grill
508 SW Taylor St, Portland, OR 97204
Vegan chain offering sandwiches, salads, faux meats & sides in a modern, counter-service setting.

Starbucks- World Trade Center Portland
910 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Need a caffeine pick-me-up or quick snack? This coffee shop is zero blocks away!

40 LBS Coffee Bar
824 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Specialty coffee, tea & pastries offered in a hip, industrial space with tunes on vinyl.

Picnic House
723 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205
Inspired by picnics, this American eatery offers sandwiches & other casual fare under high ceilings.

Flyng Elephants at Fox Tower
812 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205
Busy & bright outpost with outdoor seating featuring deli fare for delivery, takeout & catering.

911 SW Taylor St, Portland, OR 97205
Local Italian bistro chain, specializing in classic & contemporary pastas, with gluten-free options.

If you are attending from out of town, we recommend you arrive the day before the event begins, on Thursday October 11th.

You will receive additional details on directions and parking after you register.

The event venue is at 25 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97204, in the heart of downtown Portland.

If you are coming from the airport, it’s a short Uber ride away, or you can take the MAX train to downtown Portland for only $2.50!

Most importantly– Wear comfortable shoes that you feel good moving around in! Feeling grounded and centered as a speaker starts with your feet! 🙂

Aside from that, “business casual” is a good frame of mind for attire. As we’ll have photo/video coverage for the event, you may want to lean toward solid colors and un-busy patterns, especially if there ends up being photo/video YOU want to use in the future.

Fall weather in Portland can be unpredictable. You may experience some of the best summer-like weather of your life, or it could rain.

Keep an eye on the weather before you pack, and make sure to join the Facebook group to stay posted on how to be best prepared for the weather.

While there are no refunds, tickets are transferable up to 30 days prior to the event.

Still have questions?

About Your Host

Danielle Louise Ross
Danielle Louise Ross

Danielle Louise Ross is a Master Speaking Coach for trailblazing coaches and experts, and the creator of Intuitive Speaking, a script-free, flexible approach to wildly successful speaking on any platform.

Danielle’s client roster includes new and seasoned speakers, best-selling authors, popular bloggers, keynote presenters, online educators, and business owners who want to reach the next level of impact through speaking.

Whether attending an Intuitive Speaking seminar, or working with Danielle 1-1, Intuitive Speakers have a shared desire to ditch the script, harness their intuition, and consistently express their greatness on stage and off (without sounding like anybody else). Danielle loves watching her clients fall in love with public speaking like never before.

Speaking of love, Danielle works together with her husband Chris, where they love to obsess about the client experience, and creating feel-good events that inspire huge growth and lasting breakthroughs.



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“Before Intuitive Speaking, I made $200 from speaking. After, $54,000! And that’s in less than a year.”
Cindia Carrere
Cindia Carrere
"I had no idea how much POSSIBILITY and JOY about speaking I would feel after the training."
Madeleine Eno
Madeleine Eno
Intuitive Speaking Live 2018


Kelly Mackura
Angela Hale
Stasha Gominak
Cindia Carrere
Jordan Carroll
Tan Omans
Yasmin Nguyen
Stacy Yardley